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Freedom Creators Podcast

Mar 29, 2023

Many people think leadership is numbers, whilst leadership is actually in character.

Learn what abilities you must develop to be a leader of impeccable value.

Melanie and Efrosyni and share the do’s and don'ts based on real network marketing experience.



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Mar 22, 2023

Many people join Network Marketing in the hope of elevating their income, upgrading their lifestyle or create a plan B.  

During this episode, Efrosyni shares 3 ways she believes are the main things that someone needs to do in order raise their income.



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Mar 15, 2023

A quick boost of energy from Melanie this week on how elevating your energy is going to attract better people into your lives.

These tips will help you instantly transform your mood, and persona into one that everyone wants to be around.



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Mar 8, 2023

Efrosyni shares 4 areas that most people make as mistakes particularly as they grow a big network.

These areas may be seen as a shortcut, but in fact, they can sabbotage your business and even cost you your business.

Tune in into this week's episode to hear what these 4 big mistakes or things to avoid are, that every...

Mar 1, 2023

After working in multiple jobs, including a job that took him away from his family for 4 weeks at a time and missing his daughter's Gold medal in swimming, Daniel realised something had to change.  

He joined network marketing but struggled for several years. Until he realised that success is attracted by the person...