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Freedom Creators Podcast

Aug 12, 2020

During this weeks episode we had the pleasure of interviewing online social media LEGEND Frazer Brookes!!

This was done in 2 parts: Part One on Frazer's Ninja Podcast which launched Monday where Efrosyni spoke about building online and taking the business offline to build leaders and build duplication.

Frazer was raised around network marketing his whole life and saw his father make millions from the industry achieved total freedom but didn't believe he could succeed also.

But one day he had his "moment", started building but didn't have the fastest results until he learned the secret to building successfully online.

Frazer will share how he built his organisation of over 300,000 customers prospecting online.

Today he has been called by many the GURU of social media and this was also by Eric Worre himself who happens to be one of the “godfathers" of our industry.

Also, YOU can be our next Subscriber of the Week!


To show our appreciation to our listeners we created a Contest where Any Subscriber to our Podcast can participate and win!

You got this! 

Success leaves clues. 

At a recent online event with an audience of nearly 10 thousands attendees, amongst other valuable things, Efrosyni mentioned one of the Pillars of her Success: Having a Mentor and following into his footsteps.

That’s why she decided to award You with her own time in a 1on1 coaching session and a Shoutout on our Social Platforms!

She will help you identify what stands between your current results and your dream goal and what can you do to make it happen.

All you have to do is to follow these exact steps, send us the proof and we’ll announce the winner next week.

Then, you get your prize!

You ready?



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